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Last seen: 5 years ago
GM Version: 7.0

5 years ago
Wow. Things sure have changed around here. A lot.
Not sure if this place is even still geared towards GameMaker, although the colour scheme would suggest that it is.

Let me catch up:

I haven't work with gm in a while. I also forgot about comp sci for.... too long. I really want to get back into it.
I've actually focused on cinema. Right after I left this place, I started watching about one film every single night. Been saving up my pennies to buy proper filmmaking equipment. Have a few scripts at various levels of completion.

At this very moment, I'm in production of my first short. It's part of a course I'm taking, so I get to use all of their equipment.
Honestly, it's not very good. I've been very short on shooting time, and obviously I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm hoping to get some of my own gear within the next few months, and spend a week or two actually shooting something good.

So, what's up wid y'all?

EDIT: Oh, hey, I forgot production stills!


is it really broadcasting if there's no one there to receive?


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Last seen: 5 years ago
GM Version: Studio

5 years ago

I think I'm also dead to these people :P

Rectar "The Bugfinder" 2

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Last seen: 4 years ago
GM Version: Studio

5 years ago
Holy crap, ATH is alive?
And it's good to see Luke kept the old smilies.

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