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Last seen: 5 years ago
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5 years ago
I have a game that is in its beta stage, I am updating every Tuesday and Friday. The problem I do not have insight from people that know game programming. I am listing the site for the game here and would love some feedback from a developers point of view.


My plans for this game is to have more levels in the different towers, where you collect crystals after killing each boss. When you get all 4 crystals you then open the warp gate to a hellish level and final boss. There is also possible treasure in each room (it spawns randomly on each level) in which you drop in a chest for points, you also have 4 slots that you can carry your treasure that you find.

Game Dev

Luke Escude

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5 years ago
This looks fun! Will you stick it online when I get the GMechanism Showcase up and running?

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