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Last seen: 50 years ago
GM Version: ERROR1

5 years ago
I got an email that you needed to activate your account, so I tried. I used the activation link, entered my username/password but it kept saying it was wrong. So I tried it again not on activation but on normal Log-in, but it worked just fine. So I thought it was just a wrong message popping up and waited.
And so my account got deleted the next day, along with my games.

I really can't afford losing all user data again, I'm surely not using GMechanism again.

thank you so much.

(Made a new account to post this, which is also refusing to activate.)


Colton Hess

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Last seen: 4 years ago
GM Version: Studio

5 years ago
It's like this for everyone for some reason. Resend the activation email. If that doesnt work. Change your password (doesn't have to change just do the process. You can change to your current password.) Then resend the activation link.

Luke's lover.


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