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Last seen: 4 years ago
GM Version: Studio

4 years ago
The function GMech_Profile_Set_Firstname keeps getting me an error:
"Profile INI Reply:
Notice: Undefined variable: variableAllowed in /var/www/www.gmechanism.com/htdocs/API/api_upload_profile.php on line 49
Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /var/www/www.gmechanism.com/htdocs/API/api_upload_profile.php on line 49"

The thing is, im trying to upload a string of course.
My code is: (on left button press)
first = get_string("Your Firstname?","");
// i tried GMech_Profile_Set_Firstname(string(first)); and GMech_Profile_Set_Firstname(get_string("Your Firstname?","")); and all 3 give me the same error. Is this function bugged?

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